First, scientists train their attention, learning to focus on relevant features and disregard those that are less salient. One of the best ways to do this is through the old fashioned practice of taking field notes: writing descriptions and drawing pictures of what you see. You sketching something, you have to choose which marks to make on the page,” says Michael Canfield, a Harvard University entomologist and editor of the recent book Field Notes on Science and Nature.

Open of Surfing. Near nuclear neon hues of pink, orange and yellow radiated from board shorts, bikini bottoms, cheap sunglasses (a $5 a pair booth sold retro Ray Ban styles with flip up lenses) and hats. Many of the latter bobbed through the throngs in a blaze of orange thanks to the branding mojo of Nike 6.0, which has co opted the color as its signature and was handing out swooshed trucker caps and handkerchiefs to the masses.

What is “What Are Those”? “What Are Those is a month old video meme that’s steadily conquered teen Instagram and Vine. It all started on June 14, when theSnapchat famous Brandon Moore he goes by the moniker “Young Busco” uploaded an Instagram video of a woman getting arrested in Berkeley, Calif. In a Vine that’s been watched more than 18 million times, a man on a church pulpit jumps offstage to confront the inadvisable socks and sandals combo of a parishioner.

Howdy! I been going to DragonCon since 2012 and have also found the skeptic track to be one of my primary places to be. DragonCon is divided into lots of tracks, and ones folks in this subreddit might like would probably also include the Science Track and the Space Track. But there are so many more about fantasy and sci fi and comics and on and on.

Play the entire course. Be honest. Be hard on yourself. You can be the richest person on earth, but lonely and upset, or the poorest person on earth but surrounded by family and love. Happiness doesn come from owning the newest model of iPhone, it comes from all the little things the sound of crashing waves, the smell of Summer first barbecue, that smile on a loved one face. Happiness is the sum of many little things, not a product of wealth or any other single factor.

The weather’s fine, she’s alright. She follow the guidelines that her mom taught her. She ride a taxi, and ask the driver to bring her at the mall where she and Channing will meet. Rafael Nadal superhuman competitive drive sees him past David Ferrer and into the semi finalsTyers here. WHAT a day of sport we have lined up, more top level talent than you could shake a stick at, and none of them more talented that these two blighters about to do battle at the O2. Rafa Nadal has been on the comeback trail of late, but what more imposing barrier could there be than the undisputed best player in the world, Novak Djokovic.

Nike: Enter the code BESTGIFT at checkout for free two day shipping on orders that include at least one item in the Nike Holiday Gift Guide; valid on purchases made as late as midnight PST on Friday, December 20. EST and get free shipping that will arrive by Christmas, for merchandise purchases only. PST..

These are crucial so you can check up on the kind of sound that s getting recorded. Video cameras are tricky so make sure you do your research to get the most out of your device. But whether it s a home video or the next big blockbuster, make sure you have fun! About Canon Canon New Zealand is a leading provider of advanced, simple to use imaging solutions for businesses and consumers.

You can also proxy at level 1. But it doesn actually make for more boxing because sitting under tower is also more viable now. So again I find classic Smite was better.On the plus side, the new map is prettier and warding involves more choices. Reduced from $1499.00 to $998.98 (29/08/2013). The TR 1200i is an multi award winning (Treadmill Doctor Best Buy the Fitness Professor 2011 Model Best Treadmill under 1000 Dollars) high quality treadmill that hosts a range of features from offering you a range of 17 fitness programs (weight loss, sports training etc.) to an accurate LCD console which registers a range of vitals and statistics, from your heart rate calories burned to that of your incline level. Moreover, it easily folds over so you can save space within your house as well as coming with a free LifeSpan Fitness membership so you can accurately track your weight loss and health improvements..

She has wrestled under the names La Diablica del Caribe, La Diablica, La Pantera and La Felina. Gail Kim also once wrestled under the name La Felina in Mexico and North America. La Diabolica was trained by Jesse Rojas “El Vasco” ( the father and trainer of Luchadora Tiffany) and Charro del Misterio.

PSG tried some mind games at half time, leaving Barca waiting on the Camp Nou turf for an extended period before they came out the tunnel during the break. It didn’t work. Another Iniesta moment was rewarded with a penalty, Messi scored it, suddenly everyone believed it was on.

You’re in and out of the gym in one hour. I know so many people who have started working out on their own and they end up staying in their comfort zone and that gets tedious very fast. Sign up to a CrossFit box, they’ll warm you up and set your workout which is different everyday so you never get bored..

This would allow the converts to make it to Iowa where they would be outfitted with a handcart which they would each be allowed to take seventeen pounds of bedding, clothing and a few personal items. Each company would have close to five hundred members and experienced leaders would lead each company west to Salt Lake City. Several covered wagons and teams of oxen would carry provisions and would carry those who became sick or were too old or injured..

So, don’t care that the Dow is at 15,000. Do care that the S is up 14 percent so far in 2013, and 19 percent over the last year, and that this has a range of consequences starting with the value of your 401(k). The Dow’s milestone is just an opportunity for noting it..

AND I wonder why this Zionist IHRA took great care to point out that comparing Israel with Nazi Germany is antisemitism. Robinson was accused by the Anti Defamation League of anti Semitism and misconduct because his classroom materials included a visual image comparison of the Israeli attacks on Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto. Scholars for Peace in the Middle East supported Robinson, citing academic freedom.[97].

As I said, if you have 1 indoor slam it would mean 2 of the Big 5 events are indoors which is silly considering it mainly an outdoor event. Also, people discuss hypotheticals all the time here. I know what the OP asked and an educated guess here is very obvious but it seems like you don like that answer so are diverting from it.

Time Magazine has a long and interesting history. Was published on March 3, 1923, by co founders Briton Hadden and Henry Luce. Time Magazine has been criticized for it’s tone, which some consider too light and carefree for serious news reporting. The post was live for less than two hours, but by the time dinner service had rolled around a small crowd had gathered at our door. Gold would visit a handful more times before writing us a lovely review in 2017. He also included us in his round up 10 best things he ate in 2017 and snuck us into his 101 list at number 90.

On May 30, 1971, an incorporated called NIKE was found. Actually, NIKE’s predecessor was Blue Ribbon Sports, a company created by Phil Knight, the CEO of NIKE and Coach Bill Bowerman in 1964. Its products are all encompassing: sports clothing, shoes, sports equipment, etc.

Not very many people know about it. Tennis and football world cups are televised on the main networking channels whereas the netball world cup is not. It is not even televised on standard TV channels. Does an Affair Mean a Man Isn’t Happy in His Marriage?Jump to Last Post 1 21 of 21 discussions (44 posts)Having a husband or boyfriend who cheated is a big hit to your self esteem. You begin to doubt your marriage and your ability to make your husband happy or to be enough. And there are tons of old stereotypes which imply that if a man cheats, it’s because his wife doesn’t understand him, he’s not happy in his marriage, or his sex life at home is lacking??The0NatureBoyposted 8 months agoin reply to thisMost man forget doing is called ‘our beginning’ man were ecological and, if we accept the Bible’s account, there was no marriage prior to man’s eating ‘the knowledge of good and evil’, making us live like the other animals.

My first impression was that these would be great for running, but not so great for exercises like squats (would they ride up?). There’s a built in brief, just like any other pair of running shorts, and while I expected the liner area to be kind of thick and weird, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t much bulkier than a regular pair of underwear. I didn’t feel it at all during my workout.So what was it like to work out in them? Well, even though my period is blessedly light (thank you, birth control), I still had an overwhelming fear that I would leak period blood EVERYWHERE while testing these.

Vagy nem volt pulzuskontroll vagy egy ki nem vizsglt szvrendellenessg lehetett a httrben. Mert aki odafigyel s kivizsgltatja magt, sportol, egszsgesen tpllkozik vagy legalbb odafigyel akkor egy sor rizikfaktort kizr. Persze ez nem azt jelenti nem lehet baja hanem sajt hibjbl nem kvetkezik be semmi tragdia.

But gains in pace could be down to increased exertion. A recent study at the University of Massachusetts Amherst recruited 37 experienced runners to put these technical tweaks to the test. In the study, published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, heel strikers were found to use less oxygen to run at the same pace as forefoot strikers, and most of the runners burned fewer carbohydrates when they struck with their heels first.

Women in governments and individual women can work side by side to influence, promote, and sustain local, country, regional, and global peace. As governments look toward contributing to peace building, they should look no further than the women in their own communities. Without meaningful participation of women in peace processes there are less chances of durable peace.

“When we were launching ALTBalaji we decided we will launch with five different shows catering to five different communities. Out of the five we decided to continue with three and offer them more. Here (on ALT) you don’t need the entire house or the masses to follow your content regularly.

Most of the movie download sites offer different genres and so you re free to choose the particular movie that you like. Movies should be downloaded quickly. Downloading time is a very important consideration when it comes to choosing a particular website.

Just as quickly as his post prison career re ignited and recovery from drug addiction seemed promising Robert Downey Jr.’s arrest in Palm Springs this weekend on drug possession charges raises more questions about the actor’s future, and whether Hollywood will give him another shot. Or, perhaps more importantly, whether a judge will, too. The 35 year old current Ally McBeal costar is free on $15,000 bail following his arrest on charges of possessing illegal drugs and being under the influence of a controlled substance.

“Animal welfare organizations will have to come together to ensure animals are comfortable in their confinement and they have the best opportunity to be evaluated, and if possible, offered rescue resources,” Reynolds said. Attorney’s office in western Missouri. The indictment said the seven acquired, bred and trained pit bull dogs for fighting and denied medical treatment for wounds and injuries.

The mitts are a different kind of a glove which does not have fingers. The comfort of the glove is a very important aspect. Oil or a lotion can be used to break it in. Not planning on replacing it when the time comes. Currently i have a 1080p 27″ 60hz Samsung Monitor which i plan to use as the secondary monitor for this build. Down the line i be adding a G Sync monitor to use as the main game monitor with the other two being secondary and tertiary monitors..

Mr. BOLLINGER: Anytime you do something like this, I’m afraid there are a range of views on every part of this on whether or not he ever should have been invited, and then whether or not the event should have been conducted in this way. I think if you were just there and you saw the students out in the main quadrangle and you saw the students inside the room and you followed the student discussions over the preceding days before that and then afterwards, I think you would reach the conclusion fairly that the it was just an enormous benefit in terms of a rich dialogue, discussion, debates, protests and the like.

Everyone in this world wants to be healthy and fit. For this, they adapt several good habits in their daily schedule. One of the most common but a good habit is running. What exactly have we all Los Angeles, Bucharest, Zurich, New York, Alexandria, Va. ponied up $25 for? Not a stylishly baggy, poo colored Adidas sweatshirt. Not the album, which has so far been titled and re titled “So Help Me God,” “Swish,” “Waves” and suddenly, with hours to spare, “The Life of Pablo.”.

This was also my 49th Parkrun and I’m just one run away from joining the elusive 50 Club. Technically, this was already my 50th run because I did forget my barcode on one occasion; never again will I make the same mistake! What’s rewarding about joining the 50, 100 and 250 Clubs is that there’s only one way to join them and that’s to run that number of events. I first started to take Parkrun seriously in late April of 2012 so 13ish months to get to the 50 club isn’t bad, with only a few runs missed in that time..

Each room is not merely furnished; it also tells a historical tale of hygiene, of medicine and herbalism, of cooking, of music, games, dining and laundry. Temporary exhibitions recently on women’s underwear through the ages don’t make things any less riveting. Enthusiasm suffuses the place.

The Hard Candy iPad Bubble Case Sleeve looks unique. The molded EVA bubbles definitely add a design element not found on other gadget cases. At first glance you may think that the bubbles are soft. The role of language extends beyond that of a communication medium. Linguistic diversity often is an indicator of other types of diversity. In Quebec, the French language has always been a major consideration of most Francophone governments because it is one of the clear manifestations of the identity of the province vis a vis the English speaking provinces.

The holes for the chin strap as well as the mask are predrilled. My son loved this helmet and we even talked about with his coach. Last on our list of the top 10 best batting helmets 2013 would provide was the Worth WLBHA Liberty Away Helmet, we choose it to add to the list because of the high impact Polymer safety shell.

Behold: The That right, the For those of us familiar with tennis skirts, we know that many of them come with shorts built inunderneath. But these no. These come with cropped leggings underneath. The Harding Kerriganstory has never been made into a movie despite its almost surreal nature, and it lends itself to the medium when you consider the details of the saga. Olympic figure skating team. Kerrigan was previouslya bronze medallist in the 1992 Olympics, while Harding was the firstAmerican female figure skaterto land a triple axel in a major competition, which she did in 1991.

You can wait for the Stampeders offence to hurt themselves, but that might take a while. You be much better off trying to cause some of your own hurt on Bo Levi Mitchell, which is exactly what the Eskimos did on the way to adding four sacks to their league leading 28 on the season. Alex Bazzie led the way with two, with Usher and Jake Ceresna coming up with the others.

Think of how funny any interview where he is taking the pss (BB conestants) or actually has a strange connection (Elmo) can be). I think Rove suffers from attempts in the past by PR attempts to turn him into the ‘next big thing’ or big note him by making him out to be the next Bert without enough of a track record to back tht up. Get painted as a big name before you’ve earned it and a savvy ‘consumer’ is likely to smell something fishy, not oo mention the fact that you’re bound to be maligned by the same herd you’re trying to feed when they turn out to be the sort of culture that likes to chew up tall poppies..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileLiberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is promising ubiquitous high speed broadband internet access across Canada within three years if his party is elected to government.Ignatieff made the commitment to 100 per cent connectivity, with speeds of at least 1.5 megabits per second, for all Canadian communities by 2013 in a video conference from Thunder Bay, Ont., on Tuesday. He also promised expanded cellphone coverage and said a more ambitious internet speed goal would follow by 2017.A Liberal government would fund the initiative with money raised from the upcoming public auction of wireless airwaves, scheduled for next year, he said.More than 800,000 households still did not have access to broadband in 2009, Ignatieff said.Read moreWill high speed internet access across Canada bridge the rural urban divide? What is the service like in your community? Comment or take our poll.Do you have access to high speed internet in your area?customer surveys(This poll is not scientific. It is based on readers’ votes.)Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports.

These weaknesses point to a player with tremendous physical tools whois growinginto his game. Motley missed the season opener against Oral Roberts has shown growth in the many areas he’s needed to since. He’s slowed down, made simpler plays, and even dished out three assists against Florida Gulf Coast.

John Wall’s relationship with Reebok goes back to when he propelled to stardom after a stellar performance at a high school basketball camp sponsored by the shoe company. Wall later signed a five year deal worth a reported $25 million with Reebok before the Wizards drafted him No. 1 overall in June 2010..

It was all going well until today. My body has succumbed to the pressure and I fallen a little ill. I haven had much sleep these past two days either and fuelling my body with Kitkat bars and Oreos is clearly not all that healthy. I finished my run back at work and got really melancholy. There I am running by as an able bodied man with barely a care in the world and a simple bump in the sidewalk was enough to put this guy in a position that he couldn recover from without asking for help. How frustrating and helpless that must be.

I am keeping an eye on budgeting for medical bills ahead. Although I do believe the NHS is marvellous, I do want to be able to fund any private health care we may need as well. After my brush with kidney cancer when I was 55, in 2002, people did ask if I wanted to retire then.

Then there’s the clueless celebrity. In 2013 a Telegraph reporter accompanying Downton Abbey star Elizabeth McGovern on a goodwill trip to Sierra Leone with the group World Vision wrote this: “I ask about her new role as charity ambassador. She says that she has never been to Africa, and does not know what to expect.

“The line is really a gray blur,” Klieman said. “The law is not meant for the state to interfere in that precious relationship of a parent and a child unless the disciplining of that child crosses that line. What does that mean? A prosecutor decides whether or not to indict with a grand jury and ultimately the jury decides.

In France last weekend, the spotlight was on internal infighting and part of that was stimulated by comments from McLaren’s former team principal Martin Whitmarsh. Among other points, Whitmarsh said he was “desperately sad” to see his old team’s demise, and called for “a big change of approach”. But what was the stimulus for him to make those comments given his previous relationship with the team and the owners? Was it just a passionate plea from a former McLaren employee? Or was it part of a wider strategy to destabilise McLaren from the people who are no longer there? I don’t have a crystal ball, but we may get more answers later in the year.

Not only does it increase the risk of injuries, but it also decreases the effectiveness of your workout. He recommends using positive self talk (repeating motivating, invigorating phrases like “I’m crushing this!”), focusing on what success will feel like at the end of the workout, and actively stamping out any kind of doubt or worry that tries to creep up on you by disputing it with more positive self talk. As you tune in during your workout, you’ll be better able to feel what your body is capable of (which is a lot more than you might think), and also have an easier time really feeling your progress, says Spraul..

I have a pair of Nike shoes which creaks when I walk. How should I do? This is connected with the insole’s structure. There is a layer of cloth between the air cushion and the insole. “Everything will remain the same until [Spookers sells]. During the marketing period, Spookers will continue to operate a world class Haunted Attraction, and any bookings made, or tickets sold will be honoured as usual. Christmas functions which are a large part of the year end bookings will go ahead as planned,” Spookers said on a Facebook post..

Well 200 years ago people came to live in Australia from all over the place. While most of them spoke English, they didn’t all speak it in the same way. By taking different sounds from all the different people around them, the next generation developed a totally new accent and the next generation built on it, and the next after that and pretty soon the Aussie accent was born!.

I just been running running running like a guinea pig on a wheel. I also haven been sleeping much lately which doesn helpSo the result? I been hurting like hell lately! Everything hurts. My muscles are sore. Paul Van Doren begynte faktisk gjre joggesko da han jobbet i en fabrikk av st kostnadene. Han ogs sammen med folk som hadde erfaring i bransjen for gjre sko. De var Jim Van Doren, Gordy Lee og Serge D’Elia.

Our web site has been ranked among the New York Times 25 Online Retailers and our catalog has become a textbook for computer users. But our success has been built on a simple principle: take care of every customer like they were a member of our family. From the beginning, our top priority was to provide unmatched customer care and to help our customers understand how technology could help them.

As I set out on a brief journey this afternoon to examine the “why” instead of just the “what,” I hit some dead ends. Maybe they aren’t walking as much, I wondered at the outset? Nope, their walk rate last year (3.66 per game) is nearly identical to this year (3.62). Maybe they aren’t getting as many extra base hits? Again, it’s nearly identical..

For example, an ocean course in which swimmers battle waves and currents will take longer than one through a calm watered bay [source: Shaw]. The same is true of running to the finish line on steep or mild grades. Even the weather can extend or reduce competition time..

Blue Jasmine, Fruitvale Station, Blue is the Warmest Color, Short Term 12, This is Martin Bonner and 20 Feet from Stardom also received awards at the ceremony, which was held in a tent on the beach in Santa Monica. Mid show Patton also received multiple motivational messages via Skype from Sarah Silverman, Reggie Watts, Weird Al Yankovic and his parents. Also showcased during the ceremony, the Indie izer, Patton’s newly developed app that turns any Hollywood big budget film into an indie film..

Then saw a huge rectangular shaped vehicle, she knew that it is a bus. She paid the taxi driver and he warned her to be safe as this line of cars will kill her if she doesn’t go to the right side walk. She realized that she’s very far from the side walk and that she had to walk a lot to go there.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe Supreme Court of Canada says journalists have no constitutional right to protect confidential sources at all costs, in a ruling against the National Post that could have major implications for press freedom.The top court ruled 8 1 against the newspaper and journalist Andrew McIntosh, in a case linked to the 10 year old so called Shawinigate scandal that involved former prime minister Jean Chrtien, a hotel in his home riding and questionable bank documents.McIntosh and the Post were attempting to quash a search warrant issued nearly 10 years ago in the case that would have forced them to provide RCMP with the documents, which McIntosh obtained from a confidential source known as “X.”McIntosh, who no longer works for the National Post, promised “X” confidentiality and stored the documents in a safe place.RCMP sought the documents via a search warrant after the Business Development Bank of Canada called them forgeries.The Supreme Court’s justices said claims of immunity can be argued on a case by case basis, but there is no broad legal protection to shield sources. In certain cases, such as this one, the court said police investigation needs override confidentiality.Read moreIn your opinion, should journalists have the right to protect their confidential sources? Comment or take our poll.Do you think journalists should have the right to protect their sources?survey software(This poll is not scientific. It is based on readers’ votes.)Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports.

Causes and Symptoms of Fungal InfectionAs with any type of disease, gaining proper knowledge and understanding of the condition is crucial in finding the most effective treatment. The same goes with fungal infections, which is caused by a type of fungi that can be present in various parts of the body resulting in a wide range of symptoms. Moreover, fungi feed on keratin that is commonly found in your hair, nails, and skin.

It hovered there since Trump taking office but it is hard for it to get much lower. The Dow Jones average went from 9,000 to 19,000 under Obama. Under Trump, it has reached at one point 26,000 but is now bouncing in the 24,000 range. You know those barbell exercises that can make you feel like Superman? Well, thepower cleanis right up there. Not only does it seriously work your lower body and build muscle, but it also gets your heart rate going while still allowing you to focus on strength. It the ultimate example of killing two birds with one stone..

The Air Max ministers met in Luxembourg on Tuesday. Is already providing Afghanistan with about $1,500,000,000 a year in civilian aid. Officials did not say how much that amount would increase. The top half should be short sleeved or sleeveless so you don’t get too hot. Avoid anything strapless so you don’t have to hassle with pulling up your dress all night long. And don’t wear anything backless so this way your partner doesn’t have touch your sweaty back because that feels gross..

Serial Killers and the MindSerial killers also know the difference between right and wrong but they do not feel. Many of them have said that their victim deserved to die, some heard voices in their heads while others blamed their childhood. They are fearless anti socials who lack a conscience..

It hurt me to hurt them. To this day I regret it.)Racism and discrimination is bullying, pure and simple and teachers are bullies with their control freak ways. White bosses can also be discriminating against their white employees as well as anyone else.If whites don’t pretend to be the smartest and brightest, they will not be hired and when it is discoverd they are average Joes, they will soon be replaced.

The bulk of the charges Tsarnaev faced were connected to the bombing. Three people were killed and 264 injured when two homemade bombs ripped through the crowd near the finish line. Boston was in a state of panic for four days as investigators scrambled to identify the bombers and bring them to justice..