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Pet Therapy Visiting has been a passion of mine for 5 years. I have 3 dogs, 2 black labs and 1 golden retriever.

Hi, my name is Ruth Bird. My passions are people and pet health. I am very active with Pet Therapy visiting. I first became involved in this work when visiting a friend in the hospital.  A beautiful Golden Retriever silently walked into the room and instantly brought comfort.  That was Tasha. Tasha and her owner became my mentors.

I visit regularly at 2 senior homes, with my black lab and my golden retriever.  My third dog is blind, although he does not seem to realize this.

Pet health care, nutrition and dog training are of great concern to me, and I promote all three. I have been internet marketing for a number of years now.

My three dogs are, Dukie, Benny and Nikki.  (Dukie and Benny have passed on Oct 2007 and Jan 2008) I also have a husband, Chris.  Chris is battling the monster, MS. The dogs are wonderful company for him. Here is a picture of my husband, and stepson.

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Doing Therapy Dog Workis one of the most rewarding activities I can do with my dogs. Pet Health Care is one of my Passions.


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March 18, 2005: My two therapy dogs, Nikki and Benny (Passed away Oct 2007), bring joy to our friends.
Here is short report of our visit.

Both My Dogs Are Therapy Dogs, belonging to
Therapeutic Paws of Canada - This is where I have my Nikki Certified!

My dog and I

My dog and I like to walk and roam,
But the best place to go is a senior's home.
Their eyes light up when I say
"I have brought my dog to visit today".
Talking and petting all the while,
Makes me feel good when they start to smile.
My dog gets hugs and attention galore,
But also provides so much more.
Putting smiles on faces when there was none,
Now I know our job is done.

By: Leona Stratford, Team Leader Brantford
The three most well known organizations that offer certification are;
Delta Society, Therapy Dog
International and
Therapy Dogs, Inc.

There are other therapy organizations and you may find an organization in your area via the internet under Pet Therapy, pet therapy or animal assisted therapy.

Pet Therapy by diane,

We have been certified as a pet partner team through the Delta Society and visit retirement centers, convalescent facilities and hospitals.

This has been one of the most rewarding adventures I have ever volunteered to do. continued here , with a beautiful big picture of that beautiful dog.

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