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Fluids: the 50k checkup will be standard manufacturer recommendations. The service dept/tech is probably just parroting that right back to you. I don know your particular model but you can find a general listing here for the recommended service interval.

Per Restaurant Performance Index ( measured in relation to a neutral level of 100, May experienced a modest decline. The RPI for the industry in the month of May was 101.2, slightly down from the April level of 101.3. Comps in May remained flat, following growth of 1.5% in April.

Regardless what your sex you are, what your shoe size, how much you earn, appreciating a fabulous pair of high heels transcends barriers. If you love and adore high heels you will enjoy looking at the variety of styles. But if you’re not so keen on torturous high heels and have serious concerns regarding the damage done to fee by high heels, you will in all likeliness grimace as you go through the various torture devices we call high heels..

Mindy Kaling, star ofThe Mindy Project,has been hitting the interview circuit to talk about the return of her hit show, kissing her coworkers, healthy living, and how she deals with being a normal sized woman in Hollywood.While we don’t get to make out with hot actors for our jobs (sigh), pretty much the rest of what she says rings true for us as well. Be prepared: If she’s not already your celebrity BFF, she will be after you read our favorite words of wisdom from the actress!1. It’s refreshing to see someone who can walk that line between letting everything go and going overboard.2.

He gets to come play where he grew up and fulfill a dream of his. Obviously, to be able to do that, he going to be able to help (the Leafs) out a lot. He probably one of the best players in the world, top 10 players in the world. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThough television execs are loath to take a risk on untested territory, they’re even more appalled by the thought of missing the boat on the latest hot commodity while their competitors profit from trend oriented foresight. So it’s not uncommon for a slew of carbon copy series to premiere on a host of networks. Debuted nearly simultaneously, then unleashed a spore like scourge of lesser medical dramas? Or when the unexpected success of The Bachelorette spawned countless reality dating elimination contest spinoffs? This season, the major small screen craze seems to be darkly humourous dramas that focus on characters with highly complex personality, er, “issues.”Two of the most highly anticipated series debuting in the next couple months, Dollhouse and United States Of Tara, centre around women who struggle with varying manifestations (both figurative and literal) of Dissociative Identity Disorder (its more colloquial name is Multiple Personality Disorder).

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