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It was from him that the Dark Reapers learned that even the mightiest of weapons can be wielded with the precision of a scalpel, and so they take pride in the accuracy with which they use their signature weapon, the Reaper Launcher. Spitting forth a hail of armour piercing missiles capable of taking down even the best protected foes, these weapons allow the Dark Reapers to exert total control over the battlefield and destroy targets at will. Their unerring accuracy is assisted by their Aspect Armour, a skull masked costume the colour of midnight.

By Judith Schalansky; hardcover, 144 pages; Penguin, list price: $28 “Give me an atlas over a guidebook any day. Who hasn’t stared at those specks of earth (or ice) in the middle of foreign oceans and wondered what stories they hold? Schalansky uses historic events and scientific accounts as inspiration for the “imagined realities” she creates for each of these 50 real islands. This beautifully illustrated atlas reveals that cartography and the creative imagination have always intersected, spurred on by human wanderlust..

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar on Saturday stated that lack of intense rivalries has led to fans losing interest in Test cricket. The former India captain made these remarks during a session with NDTV’s Nikhil Naz at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. The master blaster also highlighted some of the biggest rivalries from the previous generations that had an immense impact on him during his early years.

Mecier and Warhol have faced the same questions of legitimacy in their practice decades apart. Both artists have brought techniques, aesthetics and processes not typically found within Fine Arts in their cultural and historical contexts, into the realm of high culture. Both artists had a fascination with celebrity life and culture, and by using this as both inspiration and subject matter, has placed the artists themselves in a position of infamy, brushing shoulders with the celebrity culture they study and depict.

Mean, no. I not concerned about it, Sandgren said as a public relations official tried to move on to the next question. Fine, it fine. With regards to the three way; you have to start considering this first from your own perspective. There are two types of three ways between couples: two women, one man and two men, one woman. What are your own thoughts/interests about being with another person? What about someone of your own gender? Again, this is where your own masturbation comes into play.

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