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Price: 180This jacket received some very admiring glances when I wore it. It was very comfortable and felt very good against the skin when I wore it with a T shirt in strong, cold winds in Dartmoor. It performed well on my Bivi bag sleep test, where I woke up only a couple of times due to feeling cold.

Sometimes that means not enforcing laws to the enth degree. Sometimes that means not charging people with stuff even though they have clearly broken the law. Because we aren’t there to ruin lives, we are there to make sure everyone is safe, and if we need to charge people to ensure public safety then we will..

But if I can make it, I do. Whatever I working on can wait another 10 to 15 minutes without dire consequences. Unless you an emergency room doctor or caring for young children, the same is probably true at your job. With the exception of certain high profile speakers (this year, KISS troublemaker Gene Simmons delivers the artist keynote address), the panel discussions and lectures typically don’t hold much appeal for the public. That’s a good thing, because they’re closed events, and an all access badge can cost almost a grand (even the discounted student pass is a mind boggling $245). Having covered the conference several years now, I’m still a bit perplexed by how many industry suits shell out bucketloads of cash, hoping to discover the holy grail of music biz success.This year, festival organizers have officially (helpfully?) separated the two halves by listing them separately as “Canadian Music Week: Canada’s International Music Convention,” and the less formal “Canadian Music Fest.” I’ll be covering both sections in this blog.

First of all if Snapchat did enough to protect its software it wouldn’t be so easy for other parties to hack the and offer these services like saving snaps. Secondlywith the existence of these apps in the and google store they haven’t yet convinced them to keep the third party hacks out of the stores. That says enough doesn’t it?.

I had the Moraine Adventure Race on Saturday and my performance was predictably sub par but I feel very motivated now after completing it! I know I could have done better and am sorry I let my team down. It was an incredibly hot day though and my body was done for, I woken up that morning with sore legs all over and it was hard to get moving through my running legs. So I kind of didn have high hopes for my leg which started around 4:30pm in the blazing sun I just wanted to get through it as best as I could given the circumstances, I ended up finishing a whooping 15 minutes past my goal time.

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