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How else to explain Burger King’s latest product the Quad Stacker. That’s four patties of beef, cheese and bacon (no vegetables or salad) squeezed into a bun. At first I thought the story was a joke (once again something The Onion wrote comes true) but, no, there it is on the Burger King’s US website, exploding out of the screen (oh, and there are toys to go with it c’mon kids, eat a burger that’s larger than your head!)..

MRS CLAUS: Santa. Santa. Oh, what a surprise, another one for Santa. I have always been so athletic and have always been a runner, and what I dont like about the 40s is you just cant do as much and my brain cant seem to get it. Like, [Law Order: SVU co star] Chris Meloni is a super stud and works out every day, but we were talking about how we used to do our own stunts. Always.

Kudos and Congratulations are always nice things to hear when you’ve done well at something. I love receiving and giving congratulations cards even when it’s a small event. As busy as everyone is these days, taking the time to congratulate a friend, family member, or whatever the relationship happens to be, is special and worth the effort.

Many people think that wearing activewear is enough. Like hey, I am wearing Lulu lemon I don’t need to work out to wear it. Maybe that is so, but wouldn’t you feel better if you did work out while wearing it? I know that sometimes when I am wearing activewear I am not being active, but I think that active wear has two purposes..

‘I’m not sure what I did wrong there;Ireally wanted to be in the top two. I like it on the big stage I feel I get more into my zone, so I just hope that I’ve qualified. I do think I was capable of getting into that top two, but it was a class field..

Though not as advanced as say, a James Bond watch that doubles as a full desktop PC and stun gun, the wearable market is flooded. Reports suggest Apple will even get in on the game come iOS 8 with a wealth of integrated fitness software. So, if reports are accurate, why is Nike jumping ship when it has one of the most recognizable brand names and wearable devices on the market?.

It has been a brutal week for cyclist Lance Armstrong, and things got even worse yesterday. Armstrong announced that he will no longer be chairing Livestrong. That’s the foundation he started to support fellow cancer survivors. Amazon Kindle offers ebooks delivered directly to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It’s a quick way to start reading without even leaving the house. You can also join Audible which grants you access to thousands of audiobooks.

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