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1/12, Thursday (Tempo, 10 miles, average pace 6:33/mile) Decent tempo run this morning, kept it at a steady pace. Pretty cold and windy today. 36 degrees, N 23 mph wind, 48% humidity. If you are contemplating taking some type of risk, courage may require that you research the issue before acting recklessly. For example, using health again as it is a universal challenge. Study the benefits and techniques of living a healthy lifestyle and then slowly implement what you have learned.

Whatever the case,belief seems to be something for which we are extremely hardwired, belief in all of its forms; and God being the supreme form of belief, it is small wonder many of us have very strong, even irrational, beliefs aboutthe Divine.I hope the rash acts of those determine to misuse this section do not result in the loss of the opportunity for discussion of these critical topicsfor the rest of usRedElfposted 7 years agoin reply to thisI do agree with freedom of religion and politics, and I don’t believe we should ban or close such threads because we don’t agree with them or we find them somehow annoying HOWEVER.There is a great new tool from Edweirdo that lets you select which forums you want to see I have just plugged it in to my Firefox and it is amazing I can now see things that were usually buried behind all the other stuff I don’t participate in anyway like the religion and politics forums thanks Edweirdo!!!Apologies if someone has already posted this info, but it’s worth a second or third mention!Rebekah that’s fantastic. Thanks for pointing it out.I’m gonna try that in the morning, since this computer isn’t the one I generally use. Have you tried it yet? That one needs to be broadcast.I have nothing against the religion and/or politics forums, I believe in free speech, but it is annoying having it all in your face everytime you visit the forums..

George Soros vermeintliche Verbindung zu den omins allmchtigen Rothschilds dient dabei nur als Aperitif fr einen zumindestens strukturellen Antisemitismus, der sich zu einem Gebilde von Verschwrungstheorien verhrtet. Der vermeintlich von den Rothschilds gesteuerte Mega Spekulant” (05/2018, S. 8) Soros wird in weiterer Folge als Leiter der Masseneinwanderung” (09/2017 S.

But it proves that smart clothing can be as stylish as it is functional. The sleek shirts have silver fibers that read activity, heart rate, and breathing depth and balance woven in. Plus, the companion app offers exercise routines that work with the shirt if your shirt senses that you aren’t working as hard as you could, the app will suggest harder moves next.

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