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The kids and DH got me a card and presents and made breakfast for me. Of course the kids were only 50% interested, and I don blame them, considering they weren seeing their mother at all. But I no longer expect my SKs to give a shit. I didn personally know Selena but I live and still live I the same town where this all took place. I use to see Selena all the time when she worked at the Handy Mart in Strasburg. Always said hi to her.

I sell them during festivals or do it for some clients. While browsing the internet, I stumbled upon these cool t shirt designs which I want to share with you too. They can be bought as gifts to family and friends for Halloween holidays, Christmas holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries and others.

It’s hard to fault athletes like Montao and Goucher for believing in the Olympic ideal or for crusading for clean sport. This is their livelihood and passion, after all. Olympic Committee has engaged in before and that its private backers and interests may still be engaging in today.

They are covered with painted rites of passage to be followed, which would include a magic formula, scenes of burial, daily life after death, prayers addressed to the god Ra Horakhti. They are life size, and quite elaborate and beautiful. Everything is symbolic.

Doubling down is so 2013: at its Unpacked event in Barcelona, Samsung has tripled down on smartwatches, unveiling the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit. There no in their names because they don run Android; the first two run Tizen (and are therefore the world first commercial Tizen devices), and the Fit runs Samsung proprietary RTOS (real time OS). Samsung says all three watches will last up to three days between charges a massive improvement over the original Gear 24 hour battery life..

“As I was saying when we got the chance to meet them and we brought the Cup in there, we want them to have that same positive vibe,” Trotz said. “It’s so important for a team to have that sort of ‘I love coming to work’ attitude, which our guys did, and you can do some pretty special things. So, just let them know there’s no curse or anything it’s all gone, we checked all the boxes and I wanted to give them a real positive vibe, not only to the Nats but all the sports teams in this area.”.

98 (2000). There Justice Ginsburg vehemently disagreed with her colleagues’ decision to halt the presidential election recount ordered by the Florida Supreme Court. She argued that longstanding traditions of deference to state court interpretations of state law precluded intervention on the ground that the Supreme Court disagreed with the Florida court’s interpretation of governing Florida statutes, and that questions regarding the practical possibility of a timely recount or consequences of missed federal deadlines should be left to Florida officials and Congress..

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