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This week capped of my highest mileage week EVER for me! 105km in 6 days and I feel fantastic!! I won one of my Nike Running challenges of 100km in a month. I have been running over 100km every month since January 2014; but never would I imagine I would run over 100km in a week! This was definitely a milestone week for me. I don know if I can run over 100km in a week regularly, or even again; but I do know that I am becoming a stronger runner and that I am ready to crush my first full marathon!.

It is impossible for us to do our work without machines. Whether it is our residential society or it is our corporate world, machines have occupied their space everywhere. None of the places can exist without it, as we are habituated to live with it.

In its own marketing, the firm has riffed on people’s phonetic confusion. During the Super Bowl a few years ago, it ran an advert that imagined angry executives at BMW and Lexus screaming the name Hyundai in ever increasing volume. A voiceover signed off: “Win one little award and suddenly everyone gets your name right.

Awesome news! I am a iOS user from outside US and encounter a bug with the first survey (food). When I was busy with the survey, I received a phonecall and I had to redo the survey. Apparently my previous answers were saved but they’re stuck in limbo because I cannot submit the answers.

This will surely help overcome various diseases in Thar. The government should immediately develop an effective plan to initially transfer fresh water from River Indus to the villages and small towns of the district. The local health department should increase its outreach to remote areas of the district.

The American Short Hair is a medium to large cat with an athletic build and strong, powerful legs. The coat is short, dense and thick. American Shorthair cats shed during the springtime. And in terms of bringing the look up to date for 2017? “We’ve been seeing a lot of washed out camouflage fabrics in more adventurous hues than the traditional green and brown. I’d start with a faded jacket that you can wear over a white shirt or T shirt and with denim. Start with the basics and the style plaudits will follow.”.

You actually can preserve memories of everyday situations. When I look back at what parts of my life I have documented or captured in photos, it’s really the moments where you’re all dressed up, everyone is smiling, it’s Christmas, it’s a birthday. Those are important moments, but I think it’s important to realize the power of everyday moments as well.

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